Nikon F1 camera

A little about me

I am fascinated by the natural world, animals, rivers, mountains and jungles.

I also find rough and wild weather, big storms, gales and lightening exhilarating as well as very humbling.
My wish is that all our children have the opportunity to see, feel and understand the true worth of our natural world.

I grew up playing a lot of sport, fishing, listening to Radio Luxembourg, playing guitar and 'making things' in my fathers workshop.

In my teens I enjoy football, tennis, gymnastics, badminton and fencing (foil/epee not hedges). My league football and county tennis days are now over, however I still play several hard sessions of badminton each week and some tennis whenever time and weather allows.

My passion for photography started at Brunel University, where I studied mechanical engineering, but also attended fine art and photography courses.

I met and married my lovely and understanding wife Julie over 30 years ago and our two offspring (Thomas and Amy) have long since fled our nest.

I have been photographing weddings for more decades than I would like to admit and I'm often asked why after all this time I still love photographing weddings. Simply because I love the whole process of creating beautiful images. Weddings in particular provide me with both the inspiration and opportunity to capture what is a momentous day for two people and their families. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful couples and their overwhelmingly positive feedback continues to fuel my passion for wedding photography.

As a teenager I enjoyed painting in oils and found the developments in digital photography have given me a similar level of freedom to be creative.

I now find myself taking on more and more commercial work which I also find interesting and has its own challenges.

Elena Smart

One day every week my wife and I baby sit our granddaughter 'Elena', so we have the privilege to see her grow and develop.