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Most of us have one or more family photographs displayed around our home.

We live our lives surrounded by images of our family, friends and pets. Our homes are often adorned with pictures of things that make us feel happy and secure.

Portraiture is one form of photography which has seen significant changes over the last decade. Focus has shifted from the traditional formal studio sittings to the more informal contemporary 'on-location' approach. I can provide for both preferences.

"A smile is nice but not essential"

I expect most of us have a family photograph in one form or another somewhere in our homes. Today we have a wider choice in how we display our family members to the wide world.

We can use framed prints, posters, canvas boards, acrylic blocks, PC screen savers, electronic picture frames, and of course many of us also use the on-line social networks such as facebook and twitter.

Unposed images speak louder and have more to say

Much of my family portrait work is now done at or near the customer's home. This may be inside their house, in their garden or at a nearby beauty spot. On location images often have the advantage of looking more natural and spontaneous.

When recorded in the family environment the images will also have context and a level of credibility not possible in a studio. I can however set up a white background for photographing children, individuals and head & shoulder shots of small groups whenever requested.

Family & Business Portraits

Business and family portrait sessions normally take 1 or 2 hours. I often asked to take individuals as well as groups, this gives the customer a wider selection of images.

Clients are provided with an on-line gallery for viewing and ordering prints. They have the choice to have all their images on a printed DVD or have the ability to download their images directly from the gallery.

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Montage of several images of baby girl
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Occasions and Celebrations.

We all live through a multitude of events that shape and define our working and family lives. Awards, presentations, promotions, births, christenings, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and funerals are just a few that give us the excuse and opportunity to gather family or work mates together to celebrate, congratulate or pay our respects.

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Girl playing a harp
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A picture of the family or team at such a time has always been the favourite way to mark the event in a set of images, album or framed prints.

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Natural or Posed

Taking pictures on a walk is just one way to get natural family portraits.

Some kind words

"The photos are fabulous, I can't believe you got them sorted so quickly! You helped make the day really special, and everyone was very impressed with you. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you, and am thrilled with the pictures - I was very lucky to find you.

Grandmother with younger girls

Calling all parents

You have the best seat in town.

My advice to parents has always been for them to take as many pictures of their growing children as they can, even if its only using their phones. Children grow up and change so quickly and as parents they will have the best seat in town to view, experience and capture it all.

But if you need any help, I will be glad to take some for you.

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Baby boy biting on a towel
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