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The Photographer


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A little information

. . . . about the man behind the camera

Hi. My name is Edward Gorochowski but most people call me Ed. Clients say I'm approachable and have a friendly and relaxing manner. I have been capturing images for wedding couples, businesses and the general public for over 3 decades and started when it was all about processing film and prints in a darkroom. Today its all digital and I do my image processing using computers.

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Photogarpher Ed Gorochowski with Trevor Peacock

The story so far

I grew up playing a lot of sport, fishing, listening to Radio Luxembourg, playing guitar and 'making things' in my fathers workshop.

In my teens I enjoyed playing football, tennis, gymnastics, badminton and fencing (foil/epee not hedges). My league football and county tennis days are now over, however I still play several hard sessions of badminton each week and some tennis whenever time and weather allows.

I met and married my lovely and understanding wife Julie many years ago and we have a son Thomas and a daughter Amy, which have both since left our nest.

Love photography, love photographing action

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Discovered photography at Brunel University when studying engineering.

Fell in love with photography and started attending fine art and photography classes.

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From oils to darkroom to Photoshop

As a teenager I enjoyed painting in oils but this was replaced by developing prints in my own darkroom.

I spent many years working as an operative for local professional photographers (my apprenticeship) before getting enough work to branch out in my own business.

Film has now been replaced by digital photography and now find I have regained a similar level of freedom using computer based editing software as I did when painting in oils.....Yipeeee.

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Graphic of stinging nettle plants
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I can turn my hand to most types of photography

. . .

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Long haired Ukulele player
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Face of black cat
montage of portrait images of baby girl
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